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Updated supplementary rules 2024

We have from 2024 updated, clarified and add som new rules. You will find the changes in red marked text under About the Kubb World Championship – Rules in WC – Supplementary rules.

The reason for these rule updates is to speed up the game, clarify some unclear rules and contribute to a more standardized rule booklet in the world.

Kubb World Championship 2023 is history

We would like to thank you all that made the World Championship to an amazing experience. Together we make the tournament what it deserves to be!

Results in 1vs1 2023:

1st place: Joakim Ekelöf

2nd place: Viktor Greveback

3rd place: Malte Rieem Lindgren

4th place: Andreas Pieper

Here you can find all results from 1vs1: Competition info 1vs1 – Results

Results in 6vs6 2023:

1st place: Stranded Goose

2nd place: Hellacopters

3rd place: Blue/Orange

4th place: No Ragrets

Here you can find all results from 6vs6: Competition info 6vs6 – Results – 2023

Now we are looking forward to 2024 and Kubb World Championship 1-3 of August.


Update concerning the competition and rules

  • Instead of painted lines we will use strings as mid and side lines
  • 100% of the kubb need to be inside the string
  • Base kubbs are supposed to be placed in front of the string but as close as possible

Explanation of drawing 6vs6

Under “Drawn and directly qualified teams” you can find an explanation of the drawing in 6vs6. You can also find a list of the top 32 ranked teams that are directly qualified for the Saturday group stage. The ranking is based from the last year final results. The ranking will be updated if any of the top 32 ranked teams don’t registers for this year’s competition.

The 1vs1 competition is played according to the Swiss-system, which not include any drawing.

Afterkubb 2023

The afterparty for Kubb World Championship will as last year takes place on kapten Grogg and Under Trädet at Ronehamn after the finals on Saturday evening. Taxi Söder will as usual be ready to transport you from the WC arena to the afterparty at Ronehamn with a distance of 3 km.

For bookings with Taxi Söder: 0498-20 80 80

You can find more information about the afterparty on our social medias, Instagram: Kubbvm and Facebook: VM i Kubb

Travel and accommodation

In cooperation with Idrottens Ö we are able to offer discounted prices for travels and accommodations on Gotland during the tournament. Please contact [email protected] +46 (0) 771-22 33 50 for information and bookings. You can also find other solutions on our website under “About the World Championship”.

Opening of registration

The registration is now open and will be open until 2023-07-19. You will find the registration under “Competition info 1vs1” and “Competition info 6vs6”. From this year you will need to have at least tree players with non swedish passport or ID to have the possibility to register your team as a non swedish team. This is due to the drawing where the foreign teams will be separated in different groups in the Friday qualification stage.

Tournament schedule 2023

We have decide to make some adjustments in the tournament schedule for 2023. We believe that those adjustments will make the tournament even more attractive for all participators, both in 1vs1 and 6vs6. Down below you can see our adjustments for 2023:


  • The qualification round in the 1vs1 tournament will be played on an own day on Thursday, which is the new inauguration day of the WC. This means that the World Championship will be played in tree days instead of two. The 1vs1 qualification will be played in a Swiss-System, which results in at least 8 games for each player. More information regarding the Swiss-system and how to play it you can find under “Competition info 1vs1”.
  • The knock out round in 1vs1 will be played on Friday afternoon from 14:00 in a traditional knock out system with the top 32 players qualified from the Swiss-System on Thursday. You can find more information regarding the knock out stage for 1vs1 under “Competition info 1vs1”.


  • The winner of the “Little World Championship” on Friday will win a spot to the Saturday group stage and still get the chance to win the World Championship title.
  • From now we have a time limit in the Saturday group stage matches, which is 75 minutes. The teams are responsible to follow the time limit. If the time limit expires you have to start a Tie Break. You can find more information regarding the Tie Break and how to play it under “Competition info 6vs6”.