Travel and accommodation

Travel and accommodation

In order to get to Gotland you must go by either boat or airplane as it is an island in the middle of the Baltic sea.

Here are the links to the travelagents arranging travels to and from Gotland

How to get to Gotland

  • Boat by Destination Gotland
  • If you call them at +46-771-22 33 50 you will get better prices if you makes your reservation as sports-travel to VM i KUBB. If you have problems with this contact us at mail to:

How to get to the VM-arena

  • With car, see the map
  • With public traffic to Hemse 6 km from the arena – See timetable (swedish) at this link

How to arrange the accommodation

Here are a few links to some housing alternatives during your stay in Gotland. Not all sites are translated into English, but if you have any questions about this, please send us an e-mail and we will see what we can do for you.

Links to more travelagents and accommodation will you find at Gotland.Net