We have fenced in the entire camping area and ONLY those who have registered and paid their campingfee will enjoy staying in the area. You will be assigned a proof that you should always be able to show.

• The campground is open from Thursday at 19.00 to Sunday 12.00 for all kubb-teams.

• You will be assigned a camping-space that only you have possession to / are responsible for

• Each cell is assigned one garbage bag, if you need more let us know. When you leave the camping-box it should be clean and neat.

• In respect for other guests and residents, the area should be quiet at 24:00 on Thursday and Friday. SHOW RESPECT

• Camping is running at night

• Camping guard has the right to evict you from the site if the order is disturbed. In case of refusal becomes your trailer towed away at YOUR expense.

It should be nice to go camping over the weekend when the World Cup in Kubb is held. Make sure to show each other, Rone-residents and the WC-staff respect and consideration.